I hear it all the time”How do I train this area here” (pointing to their stomach) or “what is the best exercise so I can see my abs” (again pointing to their midsection)?.

Oh, silly rabbitif only it were that simple.  Unfortunately it’s not about the exercises done, although that may help a little, but in fact it comes down to how you are eating, sleeping, de-stressing and supplementing for example.

Our “5 Ways To A Flatter Stomach” is in response to “5 Myths About Getting A Flat Stomach” which can be found at http://www.fitnea.com/5-myths-about-getting-flat-stomach/ . While the author makes a few valid points, we don’t agree with everything and as such would like to go into a little more detail and shed a little more fat on the situation (see what we did there:)

Below are our top ways to achieve a lean, chiseled and sexy looking mid-section;

  • Eat Quality Protein, Good Fats & Plenty of Vegetables

A lifestyle that includes high amounts of quality protein such as bison, scallops, chicken and beef for example, while incorporating about twice as many vegetable/meal as well as sources of good fats from certain oils, avocado or supplements such as fish oil will go a long way in leaning down your mid-section.  Contrary to what our friends from “5 Myths..” tell you, we want to limit our Carbohydrate intake to certain types and certain times of the day as well.  This is based on each individual and really depends on a number of factors, but as a rule of thumb most people achieve great results with this “style” of plan.

  • Supplement

Of course there is no “magic pill” as our friends suggest, but there is a need for supplementation if done correctly.  Things such as fish oil, magnesium, a quality multi vitamin and insulin aiding elements such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and Fenuplex can go a long way in aiding the midsection and love handles in specific.

In fact we run a program (created by Charles Poliquin)www.charlespoliquin.com , called Biosignature that tests bodyfat in specific areas.  Time and again if clients go on a supplementation, clean eating and a proper training program they see results 5x faster then those that do not.  Bottom line you will achieve quicker body fat reduction and see those abs much faster with the right supplementation than without.

  • Cut inflammation

Inflammation comes in all forms.  Poor diet, too much alcohol, too little sleep, too much stress, environmental toxins, pollution, prescribed medications, etc.  The possibilities for inflammation are endless.  By choosing what you put into and on your body (in the form of skin care products) and things you do to aid in detoxification, you can significantly impact how much inflammation your body holds.

Eating lots of greens and greens shakes (especially post workout), lots of blueberries, raspberries, making sure your skin care products are parabean free (go to www.ewg.org for more info on this), getting lots of sleep, aiding the body with detoxification support in the form of nutrient dense supplements formulas or even getting out into nature for some fresh air every few weeks can all go a long way in reducing the amount of inflammation you carry.

The less inflammation and the better your detoxification, the better you’ll be at burning fat and ultimately chiseling away those love handles until they are just two sculpted slabs of lean muscle.

  • Eat Certain Carbohydrates at specific times

I wouldn’t suggest cutting carbohydrates altogether, except for at the very beginning of your program. Typically at Dynamic Conditioning Centres www.dccentres.ca , we’ll recommend a two week eating bootcamp where you eat strictly greens, nuts, good fats and protein.  We do cut all fruit and other complex carbohydrates for this time period.

We’ll slowly introduce these back in but only in certain amounts (the amount differs with each individual) and at certain times (for example post workout).  We’ll also limit the types of carbohydrate getting rid of any gluten based products and sticking more with brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa for example.  We’d recommend staying completely away from bread.  For a great read and many reason why, check out “Wheat Belly” by William Davis M.D

  • Train Hard

If you don’t resistance train, you won’t get results, it’s as simple as that.  Training allows you to build muscle, ultimately burning more fat all of the time and it drives up your metabolism just to name a few.  The harder you train so long as you take care of the elements above the better and quicker the results will come for you.  One thing we do agree withget up off the floor.  Crunches WONT make abs.  Actually one of the best exercises for stimulating the muscle fibres of the midsection are actually front squats.  Do some heavy sets of those babies and maybe some weighted chin ups and tell us if you don’t strengthen those puppies.

  • Sleep and De-stress 

This is another area that people don’t think about.  If you aren’t sleeping, in effect you are creating more stress on the body which will directly affect the area right around your belly button.

The same goes for other stresses in your life.  If you are continuously downloading harmful data into your system and in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety from work, relationships, etc, you are causing inflammation to the body and supplying the area in question with more fat storage capability and an inability to drop fat in that specific area.

At the end of the day, you need to have a balanced lifestyle to obtain the flat stomach that your looking for.  The less fat you have, the more abs you will see.  Unfortunately, It’s not as easy as “what do I do for this area here”.  Otherwise, everyone could sit on the floor and have washboard abs.