About Us

Why We Do What We Do

Its all about our community.

DCC started out with little more than a couple of tractor tires, resistance bands and some medicine balls. With a vision of making the fitness playground a reality, Lee Davy and Jared Postance opened up a little 2400 square foot studio, accessible only through an alley off Wellesley Street. “Jared and I did it at the drop of a hat with no real plan simply because we had to act fast or the space would be gone,” says Lee. Through their passion for fitness and providing members with amazing results in a non-traditional gym setting, the space quickly grew to include a sandbox, large cargo nets and even some obstacle course equipment.

DCC had some growing pains in 2008, and when the neighbours just couldnt handle the slamming tractor tires and dropped weights (sometimes youve got to throw it down!) we moved around the corner to our new 5400 square foot space, right on Yonge Street.

“The place was a disaster when we moved in. Lee and I were up until 2 am just moving all of the equipment from the old space into the new one, says Jared. We were suppose to be open the next day! There was a pile of equipment in the middle of the floor with dust everywhere!

Our awesome members stuck with us through the move, and as the weeks went on DCC The First Fitness and Athletic playground was born. While the look and feel is similar to the original facility – with a big strip of field turf (with a hill for added intensity), monkey bars, kettle bells, sleds, sledgehammers, ropes and tractor tires DCC has kept up with its membership growth and recently expanded once again to make more room for more functional training space for its members and coaches.

With the explosion of CrossFit, weve seen many members of our community take to competition style programming, including a number of our coaches. “We’ve had many teams and individuals compete in different events over the last two years and had about a dozen participants in the 2013 CrossFit Open this year and I think that number will be much higher next year,” says Lee. Olympic lifting and powerlifting have become a major part of DCCs training methodologies, but each coach still has their own unique and motivating style. Thats what makes DCC so special. Our amazing community of coaches and members encourage each other to meet and exceed goals every day!