Boot Camp Classes

Our classes cater to all fitness levels, so wherever youre at we can find the programs that will best suit your goals! Why not get started now? The descriptions below the class schedule will give you a general idea of the class structure and difficulty. Weve included some movement standards and the level of fitness each class is best suited for. We encourage everyone to start with a beginner class and then build up to the intermediate and advanced levels. If you think you are ready to move up a difficultly level, speak to one of our coaches first to get an idea of what to expect. We look forward to seeing you in class!
YOU MUST BOOK AHEAD! Each class has a max capacity as noted in the schedule. If you do not book a spot ahead of time you may not be able to participate if we have reached capacity. Click the link below for our booking system and to create a login for future bookings.Drop-in Rate: $20
6 Pack: $90 (1 month expiry)
10 Pack: $150 (2 month expiry)
16 Pack: $200 (3 month expiry)
20 Pack: $250 (3 month expiry)