This years Reebok CrossFit Open consisted of one workout per week for five weeks from March 6 through April 27. It was a worldwide qualifier for the CrossFit Regionals and over 140,000 athletes from around the globe registered. Many of our members and coaches participated this year, pushing through the extremely tough WODs every week, despite a few injuries and illnesses along the way. We were part of the Canada East region and everyones final standings were as follows:


Men under 40 group (over 2,000 competitors):

Rocky Colangelo- 144th

Kai Sorensen- 443th

Lee Davy- 454th

Sean Blinch- 577th

Hurmen Hung- 1,930th


Women under 40 group (over 1,400 competitors):

Michelle Basu-Roy 181st

Ashley Hughes- 593rd


Masters Men 40-44 (over 1,000 competitors):

Blaise Ambrose- 81st


Congrats to all of our members and coaches who competed- awesome job everyone! Now, lets get training for next year!