Here are some details on our upcoming small group sessions and workshops.

Balls-to-the-Wall Man Training: Muscle Building and Conditioning

Balls-to-the-Wall Man Training is designed for you to:

  • Build muscle and get ripped;
  • Change the way you train and the way you burn fat;
  • Be more well conditioned than you ever thought possible
  • Optimize your athletic performance;
  • BUST through your mental and physical limits; and

Balls-to-the Wall Man Training is fitness program you can trust to start to improve your gains and completely motivate you. The supplementary eating plan included in the program gets to the core of what gets you shredded.

Nothing gets your physique more defined quicker, and keeps your strength up as you get leaner than this advanced fitness program. With Balls-to-the-Wall Man Training, you’ll build MUSCLE and BURN OFF THE FAT that covers it, experience INCREASED STRENGTH, and feel PUMPED long after your training session has ended!

You will receive:

  • 6 or 8 week classes available – intense, muscle synthesizing, barrier busting workouts, 3 days/week with coach
  • NEW nutrition plan every three weeks
  • Access to online Members Group to help keep you accountable with like minded people
  • BodyFat Assessments so you can measure your results and stay on track
  • Supplements from Popeyes to Fuel your results and take them to the next level
  • Personal Supplement Recommendations based on your bodyfat assessment (cost of supplements not included)
  • Copy of RAMP Manual
  • Balls To The Wall T-shirt
  • Log Book complete with supplement/nutrition guide
  • AND….An Extra Session Each Month to determine the WINNER FOR THE MONTH….
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